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Assets (Active)

Test online

Fill in the missing words in the sentences below. Choose from the following:
in, assets, tangible, depreciation, patents, from
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1.   Total assets as of December 31, 2003, increased by €184 million, or 32.7%,     December 31, 2002.
total assets = active totale
as of ... = la data de ...
increased by €... million = au crescut cu ... milioane euro
or ...% = sau cu ... la suta
from = de la
from December 31, 2002 = fata de 31 decembrie 2002
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2.   The most common types of intangible assets are   , copyrights, franchises or licenses, trademarks or trade names, and goodwill.
the most common types of = cele mai uzuale tipuri de
intangible assets = active necorporale
patents = brevete
copyrights = drepturi de autor
franchises = francize
licenses = licente
trademarks = marci de comert
trade = comert
name = nume, denumire
trade names = denumiri comerciale
goodwill = fond comercial
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3.   At December 31, 2003 and 2002, the Company had patents, trademarks and other identifiable intangible     with a value of $124.0 million and $128.6 million, respectively.
At December 31, 2003 and 2002 = la 31 decembrie 2003, si (respectiv) 2002
the Company had patents, trademarks and other identifiable intangible assets = compania avea brevete, marci de comert si alte active necorporale identificabile
with a value of $... million and $... million, respectively = cu o valoare de ... milioane dolari, respectiv de ... milioane dolari
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4.   The increase in current assets is largely due to increases     notes receivable and prepaid expenses.
increase = crestere
current assets = active circulante; active curente
the increase in current assets = cresterea activelor circulante / curente
to be due (to) = a se datora (+ dativ)
largely = in context: in mare masura
notes receivable = efecte [comerciale] de incasat
prepaid = preplatit, platit anticipat / in avans
prepaid expenses = cheltuieli inregistrate in avans, cheltuieli efectuate in avans, cheltuieli in avans
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5.   The     net assets of this company were appraised at €950,000 on December 31, 2002.
tangible = corporale
net = net
assets = active
tangible net assets = active corporale nete
of this company = ale acestei companii
(to) appraise = a estima; a evalua
were appraised at ... = au fost evaluate / estimate la ...
on ... = la [data de] ...
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6.   Property, plant, and equipment includes buildings $2,525,000 less accumulated depreciation of $461,000; equipment $642,000 less accumulated     of $208,000; and land $856,000.
property, plant and equipment = imobilizari corporale (litt. proprietati, utilaje si aparatura)
(to) include = a include, a cuprinde
buildings = cladiri
less = mai putin; in context: minus
accumulated depreciation of ... = amortizare acumulata [in valoare] de ...
equipment = in context: aparatura
land = teren, terenuri


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